Volunteers serve so many roles in our organization. This could be from helping us run community events and fundraisers to helping us with social media. If you have a skill and want to lend us your time and talent please contact us. 

Host Homes

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There are between 60-100 youth experiencing homelessness in The Valley on any given night.


Host homes provide a safe and nurturing place for youth aged 16-19 to live as they work with our supports to move towards a brighter future. 

We have had 105 host homes over the last 7 years. There has been less than a 1% incident rate throughout our program's history. 

The host home program benefits the community as a whole by helping youth engage with school again, build life and job skills and reduce their risk of being the victims of crime or engaging in criminal activity for survival. 

Our Program supports you as the host home with training, and ongoing support as well as support to the youth. 


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We cannot create community change or change in the lives of our youth without partnership. We love to establish regular contact with various community groups including agencies, business, social interest groups, faith based groups and many others. 

If you would like to know more about partnering with us please contact us.