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Edge on Employment

The EDGE on Employment program offers youth aged 18-26 the opportunity to embark on a path of career self-discovery. Whether you choose a one-on-one track or join one of our eleven-week group programs, our team is here to support you in building essential life skills and employment skills, helping you develop a plan, and offering guidance to put it into action.

At Edge, we provide youth outreach, mental wellness support, hands-on employment skill-building, and job-seeking guidance. Our program, created for youth by youth, emphasizes empowerment and self-leadership. We encourage you to take charge, challenge yourself, set goals, and foster strong relationships.

Our space in Kentville and Windsor is designed to feel like a second home. Coffee is always brewing, and the fridge and cupboards are well-stocked.

Marketa Glenn, our Youth Life Navigator, will introduce you to the program, help determine if it’s the right fit for you, and assist in removing any barriers—such as childcare, transportation, or communication—that may impact your success.

Tess Etienne, our Mental Wellness Coordinator, provides one-on-one support to help you discover and overcome challenges in the program, at work, and in life. She also leads stress management content in our group programs.

Michèle LaPointe and Ben Underwood, our Learning Facilitators, lead hands-on group programs that focus on building the nine work skills employers value. Group members have a say in their learning and participate in community service projects that foster confidence and inspiration.

Leta Lowthers, our Job Developer, is available to help refine your resume, write cover letters, and guide you through job interview preparation. She can also assist with job search strategies, job placement, and managing relationships with employers.

We work as a team to support you on your journey to employment success. For more information, reach out to us at or connect with us on our Facebook page.

Meet The Team

Markéta Glenn
Youth Life Navigator

Michèle LaPointe
Learning Facilitator 

Tess Etienne
Mental Wellness Coordinator 

Leta Lowthers
Job Developer

Previous Participants Testimonials 



Now that I've nearly completed the Edge group program, I feel far more ready for a job than I ever did before! After breaking out of my shell, it's become far easier to talk to people and articulate my thoughts and feelings, and I owe it to Edge for helping me gather my confidence and do what I want to do!

The coordinators at the program do an excellent job of motivating you to do whats best for you, not just to conform you to some ludicrous standard.

If you decide to take part in the Edge group program, you'll feel far more prepared and confident in yourself and your future by the time it's over, and you'll have only yourself to thank for it!

- Tristan Cleveland, Edge Season 16

“Before I started Edge, I expected a very serious school environment, but it turned out to be very chill, while still keeping a focus on self improvement and employment.

If you’re considering Edge, you should know it's worth every moment. You’ll learn a lot of useful things, but the best thing, I think, are the people. They are all amazing.

Now that I've nearly completed the group program, I have more confidence in my skills and self. I am looking forward to getting back into the work force.”

- Paul Wood, Marine Biology Enthusiast, Season 16


“When I first heard about EDGE, I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit for what I was looking for career-wise. But I went for it anyway and it was the best addition to my daily life in a long time.

The atmosphere at EDGE is very welcoming and accepting of everyone. The staff does most activities and learning in a really fun and enjoyable way, and they make it very easy to feel like you belong at the space. There is a lot fun outside stuff to do and it is really motivating.”

- Keegan Barr, Season 14, Budding Electrician


“There were people in my life who told me I’d never be able to find a job, but I proved them wrong. Edge helped build my confidence and now I’m working in a job I love.”

- Keely, Season 12

Past Edge Season's Memories

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