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Our Programs

At Portal Youth Outreach Association, our mission is to empower youth and transform lives. We offer programs that provide practical support and guidance to at-risk and homeless youth, helping them achieve their goals and navigate life’s challenges.

Each program focuses on community collaboration, personalized support, skill development, and creating safe, inclusive spaces.


Our team offers services to meet youth where they are, creating safe and inclusive spaces to connect with role models and mentors and assisting with personal and life skills development, clothing, food, and housing needs.


Cultural Connector Initiative

The Cultural Connections team engages with African Nova Scotian communities to identify needs and improve services.

Our goal is to provide culturally safe and responsive support that empowers youth and families.

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The EDGE on Employment program offers life skills, work skills, and educational opportunities for youth aged 18-26. Our team assists youth in finding employment by advocating and connecting them with potential employers.

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Supportive Apartment Program

The Supportive Apartment Program assists youth who are living on their own, offering additional support to help them manage daily life and navigate their individual goals. This program helps youth find stability and foster independence in their living situations.


Supportive Living Program

Our Supportive Living Homes in Kentville, Middleton, and Windsor offer safe, supportive environments where youth can access basic needs, community support, and opportunities for personal growth.


Summer Programs

The Portal offers opportunities to actively engage with local recreation options, experiential learning, and community service projects.

Depending on the year, we provide programming for youth aged 12 and older and for youth aged 16 and older.

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