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Youth Outreach Reach Program

In collaboration with the wrap-around support from the Youth Community Hub, The Youth Outreach Program offers support for youth who might not otherwise have access to services. A key component of outreach is that the service is not stationary but mobile and meets those in need of outreach services at the locations where those in need are.

The Youth Outreach program works to create safe and inclusive spaces for youth to be themselves while connecting with peers, adults and needed resources.​ Youth outreach workers can meet youth in the community and bring the needed services directly to the youth. 


Outreach workers can provide supports and services to help identify and link youth to positive adult role models, mentors, teachers, health care providers, etc. This is especially important when Outreach Workers help youth navigate situations such as probation meetings, accessing victim services, and court. Additionally, Outreach workers can help advocate for youth when accessing community services such as health, education, and employment.


Personal and life skill development is a key component of the Youth Outreach Program, by providing activities that support the development of interpersonal and life skills, including but not limited to banking, budgeting, meal planning and living independently. 


The program provides opportunities for youth to be involved in community service and creates opportunities for decision-making and leadership at various levels of projects and programming.​​

The program recognizes that youth will also likely have a variety of immediate needs, such as housing, clothing, income or nutritious food. The Youth Outreach program will connect both youth and families to available resources and additional support in the community. 

How to Access the Program? 

For youth call or text 902-691-6556. We also have a toll free line- 1-855-261-3773. For Community Partners- Intake form. Please send it in a secure format to A heads up that the referral has been sent would be valuable. 

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